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New CD Review--"Key Biscayne Cowboy"-Keith Hope

Conjuring up images of mangroves, rivers, creeks and Florida wildlife, Keith Hope, a.k.a.The Key Biscayne Cowboy, has for decades recorded visions and memories of his Florida home in his songs. A sixth-generation Florida native, the aptly named Hope applies that sentiment to his music, delivering a musical tour of his beautiful and beloved homeland. He deftly relates the geographical journey of the “Waters Of Florida” drawing attention to the impact it has on the entire state and calling for the preservation of the Everglades. He addresses the contamination of our waterways in “Peace River Dream” demonstrating how working towards common goals, the clean up can be accomplished and cleverly juxtaposes that view with childhood memories of a more pristine era in the cut “On The Banks Of Charlie Creek.” The contemporary title cut “Key Biscayne Cowboy” finds the protagonist dealing with the inner turmoil of surviving in urban sprawl, longing for wide open spaces and maintaining his sanity with his music. Romanticism, pathos, conservation, and some good old-fashioned waltzes to dance to. What more could the listener ask for? It took a while to finally compile these songs on CD, but hey, national treasures don’t evolve overnight.

Reviewed by SkeedlePop (

SkeedlePop is also known as John Soler. A current member-at-large of the Folk Club of South Florida, Soler has been involved with the club since its inception, serving as president for two terms. Soler has also served in the City of Hialeah Cultural Affairs Council and received an award from Mayor Raul Martinez.

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