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On December 3, 2005, I had the pleasure of performing at the Luna Star Cafe in North Miami for the Acoustic Underground series of the South Florida Folk Club. It was an enchanted evening. This dvd contains 17 songs from that concert. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks go out to Valarie C. Wisecracker and Barry White of SFFC for the invite; Alexis Sanfield and her wonderful staff at Luna Star Cafe; and to all the friends and music lovers who came to the show and made it so special. Also huge thanks to the following talented professionals whose art, craft and hard work made this dvd possible: Jack Grochmal: Producer, video, sound, video and sound editing, dvd artwork front cover photograph, and much more; Robert Baldwin:Video; Mark Diamond: Back cover photograph

1. Face What Tomorrow Brings
2. My Partly Cloudy Florida Skies
3. Crazy As A Loon (By John Prine, Pat McLaughlin) © 2005
TommyJack Music (BMI) and Corn Country Music (BMI)
4. Peace River Dream
5. My Slow Florida Waltz Back To You
6. Waters of Florida
7. Alabama 1959 (By Pierce Pettis) © 2004 Slapfight Songs
8. Florida Hurricane (By Keith Hope, Jack Grochmal)
9. Key Biscayne Cowboy
10. Have Mercy On My Generation
11. We Go On
12. On The Banks Of Charlie Creek
13. The Dutchman (By Michael Peter Smith) © 1986 Bird Avenue
Publishing (ASCAP)
14. Appalachian Bloodlines (By Pierce Pettis) © 1991
Piercepettissongs (ASCAP)
15. To Find You Beside Me Always
16. Days Like These (By Janis Ian) © 2000 Taosongs II (BMI)
17. Some Enchanted Evening (By Richard Rodgers and Oscar
Hammerstein II) Williamson Music (ASCAP)

All songs written by Keith Hope except where indicated
© Keith HopeSongs 2007 (ASCAP) All rights reserved