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Dedicated to my family, the Hopes of Florida and the Sawyers of South Carolina, and to the memory of Mary, Edythe, and Mitchell Hope, and to my sister Michele Hope and finally, to Lady, Bogey and McCall, the Ocean Reef Dolphins.

MANY THANKS: To all the musicians for their wonderful talents generously shared in making this CD. Special thanks to Don Hyink and Jack Grochmal for their skill, patience and hard work in making it a reality.

Finally, special thanks to the way-too-many-to-list friends, relatives, songwriters, musicians, artists, and other creative people all over the world who have inspired and encouraged me to continue writing and performing songs.

Photography and artwork by Mark Diamond,

Produced by Keith Hope, Jack Grochmal and Don Hyink
AU songs recorded at Blackstar Studio, Miami, Florida and Sweet 101 Studio, Key Biscayne, Florida, July 2001-February 2002, except "Kiss Her Now or Miss Her Forever" recorded at Heavy Air Studio by Javier Carrion, 1994
Engineered by Don Hyink and Jack Grochmal
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Grochmal.
All songs ©Keith Hope except " Come To Miami "
Keith Hope, Jack Grochmal and Lamar Hill

Keith Hope, acoustic guitars, lead and background vocals
Javier Carrion, bass
Mark Diamond, percussion
Jack Grochmal, background vocals, percussion, sampling sequencer
Don Hyink, mandolin, bass, acoustic guitar
Lacey Irl, background vocals
Alison Larson, violin
David Leicht, harmonica
Denny Rowand, bass
Josh Rowand, dobro
Harrison Rue, mandolin
Janice Sharpstein, background vocals
John Soler, background vocals
Jack Stamates, violin
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